Students will be exposed to various theories of discipleship and faith development for children and teens in order to be effective in child discipleship. The significance of the family in discipleship of children, and the role of the church to equip families for this critical work will also be explored.

This course is designed to help students to be better informed in their choice of teaching materials in their children‘s ministries. Students will investigate what teaching materials are available locally and on-line, and evaluate these materials considering cost, cultural relevance, and biblical accuracy.

Students will learn principles of good leadership in the church and children‘s ministry projects to be effective in their children‘s ministries. Particular emphasis will be placed on the recruiting, training, and encouragement of volunteers in the church or ministry context.

Building on principles learned in African Family Systems (pre-requisite) students will develop their skills to deal with issues of conflict resolution, forgiveness, respect, understanding, and compassion which are necessary for the health of any family. Such skills will greatly enhance their ability to address issues such as child abuse, divorce and remarriage, and parent-child conflict.